Reducing Parental Conflict – NEW Digital Resources for Parents in Trafford

Reducing Parental Conflict – NEW Digital Resources for Parents in Trafford


Conflict between parents is a normal part of relationships and family life. Not all conflict is damaging, but when conflict between parents is frequent, intense, and poorly resolved, it can negatively impact children’s mental health, wellbeing, and development, irrespective of their age.

Conflict can arise because of financial concerns, transition to parenthood, poor parental mental health, parents separating, or learning to adapt to a SEND diagnosis, and it can occur between parents whether they are together or separated.

To help support families, Trafford Council has commissioned 4 online courses for Parents/Carers:

  1. Me, you and baby too: designed for new and expectant parents
  2. Arguing better: designed for parents who want to learn healthy ways to deal with stress and conflict
  3. Getting it right for children: designed for separating or separated parents who want to reduce conflict and communicate better with their child’s other parent.
  4. Debt and relationships: debt and money troubles are among the biggest causes of relationship stress, this course looks at reasons you may find yourself in debt and how to talk to your partner

The courses are all self-directed learning, however, to enable you to understand these resources better, how to access, signpost, and support parents in using them, we are holding 4 bitesize lunch and learn sessions over April and May 2024.

  • Wednesday 24th April 12 – 1pm
  • Monday 29th April 1pm – 2pm
  • Friday 10th May 12pm – 1pm
  • Wednesday 22nd 1 – 2pm

These sessions will be delivered by Rachel Valentine, Reducing Parental Conflict Coordinator.

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