Ukrainian Culture Club (Sale)

An example of Trafford Community Collective members working together with a new community group

Ukrainian Culture Club (Sale)

A Big Sale Welcome to our Ukrainian Friends …

Picture: Gaynor Sale Hub volunteer co-ordinator with LifeChurch volunteer and a Ukrainian guest atWednesday social

From May 2022 to September 2022, Ukrainian families met weekly at the LifeCentre for Wednesday Socials.  The volunteers from the Sale Community Hub visited our Ukrainian guests at their hosts houses and surprised them with a welcome box and invited them to meet with other Ukrainian families at . The weekly socials were organised and staffed by volunteers from LifeChurch, one of Trafford Community Collective’s members and supported by one of the Collective’s Lead Partners and members Our Sale West ( the Collective’s Central Neighbourhood Hub)

A number of Ukrainian women who attended these socials then formed their own group: Ukrainian Culture Club Sale and they met on a Saturday in August and September at the LifeCentre to cook and eat together traditional Ukrainian food and take part in a variety of Ukrainian cultural activities. This Saturday club was open to all Trafford families and was very successful in promoting the Ukrainian culture.

Photo: Nataliia (centre) the founder member of Ukrainian culture club Sale at Wednesday social

The Ukrainian Cultural Club Sale is now meeting in Sale Moor on a Thursday evening, they are being supported to grow and develop by another of Trafford Community Collective’s member – Community United Project. They are also arranging 3 larger celebration events at LifeCentre in December 2022 and January 2023.

Contact can be made with the Ukrainian cultural club Sale by searching for them on Facebook or contact Sale Community Hub and they can put you in touch with Nataliia directly:

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