The Collective’s Strategic Work

Supported by the Collective's members and partners

The Collective’s Strategic Work

Here is a recent copy of our Chief Officers report, which shows some of the latest strategic work being done by the Collective. This report highlights some of the the Collective’s work in the following areas:


Pilot Project(s);

Climate Change Working Group;

Strategic Forums;

New community based roles:

Neighbourhood Working, and

Family Hubs

Further, we are expecting that as the Collective’s membership increases it will increasingly become a key strategic voice for the Voluntary Community Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector across Trafford, which will lead to a number of benefits including :

  • Opportunities to develop and deliver joined up services at a local level
  • Improved and consistent access to capacity building support, advice, and information
  • Increasing recognition of the number and strength of VCFSE organisations in Trafford
  • Increased quantity and quality of local volunteering through the development of a strategic approach
  • Improved recruitment and retention of staff through the development of career  pathways
  • Reduced costs due to the introduction of placed-based commissioning
  • Opportunities to work in partnership with other VCFSE providers at a local level
  • Opportunity to share good practice and learning opportunities based on an ethos of mutual support
  • Increased access to funding
  • Improved management information and scope for sharing this at a local level
  • Improved  strategic relationships with service commissioners and strategic policy leads and opportunities to influence service development and delivery
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